Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How Time Flies

Gosh could not believe it is over 6mths since I got a chance to sit down and write something. Right now we should be enjoying sunny evenings and hayfever but guess that is not to be. But its good to know some things never change - still chasing my tail.

Since December our two cows have calved a baby boy called Houdini and a girl called Jewel. The vegetable garden is now at its best. We enjoyed a feast of new potatoes with lashings of butter. (Not politically correct as we did not have a calorie count). Loads of fresh fruit crying out for sunshine and nearing the jam jars and heads of nice green cabbage that we rescued from the catapillars.

At the moment we are in full swing with the agricultural shows. A great day out for all the family with plenty to see and do. Granard Agricultural Show is this Saturday 21st July and the forecast looks good. My little man and I are bring along 33 different entries so chaos will once again loom over our house towards the weekend. If I survive the experience I will give a full update afterwards.

Hope that I get here soon ......................

Progress update.......

What can I say? alot done alot more to do would be very appropriate. OK, Christmas puddings made, Whiskey Ring Cake made ( very nice), Christmas decorations up - cardigan not started yet!!!!!!!!!!

Here at the moment making 2 birthday cards that are slightly overdue, is it just me or does everyone shove the jobs they don't particularly like one side till deadlines loom and it just has to be faced?

Friday, 16 December 2011

Too cold to focus...........

Guess it's one of those days where my get up and go has got up and gone! So much to do the list is endless but gotta start somewhere.
Woke up to snow this morning and got ready to head to Granard Country Market, quite a busy morning despite the bad weather but unfortunately not much done since I arrived home...

Plan for today, start cardigan and have it ready for shipping on Monday, make Christmas puddings (better late than never), start putting up some decorations. (must have some genetic connection to Ba Hum Bug because I am not in the spirit of decorating), make mincemeat for pies, make a whiskey ring cake etc etc

Right so I'm off to make a start, will let you know if it is mission successful or will I fail miserably???????????

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Optimist or pessimist....

What a strange day, if i was an optimist I would say it went well, whereas the pessimist would deem it a disaster. Well to explain - ran around all morning to get everything I needed done then headed off to deliver something that someone on Monday had asked me for - but discovered she didn't want it anymore. No great harm done except for my time that could have been better spent elsewhere, but then the silver lining that every cloud has.I met Aideen from Core in Ballinahown a fellow crafter who is involved with Made in Westmeath and runs courses for crafters.

We had a brilliant discussion about the pros and cons of the craft industry and the welcomed resurgence in interest in handmade goods - this will be followed up in the New Year, a trip for me to visit the craft gallery in Ballinahown and further discussion over a coffee- thanks Aileen looking forward to meeting again.

On another positive note, I got to view my profile which is now live on www.countrymarkets.ie thank you so much to Margaret for the opportunity to be featured on the website and see you in the morning at Granard County Market.

Guess every day is good day after all.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chasing my tail...

Got my blog up and running and that was it, well let hope not. Just a crazy, crazy week - so bad my 7yr old son wrote a special note to Santa asking him to send me a few Elves that could crochet, unfortunately not holding out much hope, cant see me getting as lucky as the Elves and the Shoemaker. Nothing magically gets done overnight.

What am I at? good question - right now I should be finishing a Christening Shawl and then starting a cardigan to get them out by courier to Christening Elegance for a pre Christmas order, but heck I will seize up if I don't move from my favourite chair every now and again.

 Last week was just brill, I met with a fab craft gallery and they want to take some of my work in the new year,next day I met a woman who has just opened a wonderful new wool shop, I went in to look at wool but came out with 2 jobs she needed doing for a customer and a provisional booking to give classes in the New Year. Will give full details on both when all is good to go!

Now that I have finally got something wrote, the cattle, hens and cats fed it is time to return to work - me yarn, crochet hook and iPod in my favourite chair.